Guangdong star art decoration group co., LTD., guangzhou branch,Looking for good decorate together!

Star art decoration(Guangzhou headquarters)

High-quality goods

Optimization of thousands of sets of fine case,Above all picture for you to enjoy

Design elite

The star design,Provide creative decoration for you

Wang Xiaofeng Expert designers

14 Years
Good at style
Modern、Contracted、Chinese style、European style

Liu ym Creative director

11 Years
Good at style
Contracted、Jane's、Chinese style

Wu Jiachun Creative director

10 Years
Good at style
Modern、Contracted、Chinese style、European style

Long Hongyang Director of designers

7 Years
Good at style
Modern、Contracted、Jane's、New Chinese style






The scene,Never leave home to feel a variety of decorate a real experience

Exhibition site

Originality,Details for site to speak

The pipe layout

Waterproof construction

Wire layout

Construction protection

Material partition

Moisture protection

Star art information

The latest information,Faster and more comprehensive understanding of art

Quick to make an appointment to decorate

  • Your call
  • Mobile phone number
  • Property name
  • The construction area

@2019 Star art decoration headquarters in guangzhou

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